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tv   Today  NBC  October 11, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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where queen mattresses start at just $699. from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live fro studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and it's a wet and wild wednesday. a wily winesday wednesday. it is october 10th. we might as well just say what we are all thinking be around here. >> we have a new addition to the
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"today show show family, sort of part of the family for awhile. his name is willie geist. really, so happy baby. [ applause ] >> so happy. >> we want to officially welcome you. come on in. >> what is that? >> bourbon. it is already 10. i'm a little late. >> that's for you. >> that is a tumbler of wine. >> that 9:00 hour is a tough one. >> wow, that's heavy. >> this going to be part of your 9:00 ritual? >> you going to steam all our thunder or -- >> take the example you set and move the drinking back an hour. lay that out there jim bell doesn't know. >> how in the world did they rope you in? the whole world wanted the big willie. my gosh? how do you say no to the "today" show. and i shouldn't say this on tv but they offered me your job. >> i have been hanging by a thread since i got here. >> we want to show your official announcement because we took -- >> a bridge.
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>> let's listen to willie's official announcement. >> we have some very exciting family news here. because after years of speculation, willie geist, who you know from "morning joe" and "way too early" over on msnbc is officially joining the "today" show family as the co-host of our third hour here. willy, thrilled to have you. >> thank you so much. welcome aboard. thank you, savannah. i'm thrilled. i'm humbled. i was thinking coming over here about 60 years of "today" show history going back to dave garroway and to be some small part of that is completely humbling. i can't wait to work every day with you guys, with natalie and al in the 9:00 hour, kathie lee and hoda even. >> what do you mean even? >> i couldn't be more thrilled. >> we want to ask -- what is the even thing? what the heck that was about? >> sometimes i will stoop to coming on this show. i don't know if that was clear or not there. >> we love you to pieces. we love you so much. we say that to everybody but we don't really mean it. with you, we mean it. >> say one more thing this getup
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today -- >> aren't you into it? >> she looks like she is getting ready to mount sea biscuit and go for a ride. >> mount something. >> all you're missing is the crop. >> spank me, baby. >> i won't do that. >> won't start my today show career by spanking you. >> we crashed a company the other day by lee's day pants, no affiliation. i put them on, they were velvet, right, hoda? unbelievable. >> like spanx pants. >> so i put on a different pair. these have the velvet up the side. >> tuxedo action happening. >> my old ralph lauren from eight years ago jacket, look what -- >> look what came together. >> my old boots when nacho was here. remember nacho? >> sure. sure. >> so anyway, i didn't want to take off my lysse's and i didn't. i didn't know today was the big willy announcement. >> thought you dressed up for me. walking around the stable. >> love you.
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>> carry on. thank you, ladies. >> this could be a problem. >> leave the red. leave the red. >> bye. >> see ya. >> love you, willie. >> honestly, everybody. get out of here so you don't hear this, one of the sweetest human beings on the planet. who doesn't love their big willy? love him. >> something similar may have happened to you in your lifetime, i went to go see this movie called "argo," the most incredible movie i have seen in so long. >> you are raving about it. >> it's incredible. here is the other story, okay? i went to the pre-party and guess who happened to have been at the party? >> who, hodi? >> one of the producers. george clooney. so i turned into stalker, crazy person. >> i have seen it. not pretty when she does this. >> i don't care. i was going to take a picture. i was with -- wait, i was with jennifer miller and look at the picture. the guy who took it -- >> my brother, dave.
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>> he said it looks great. i said what looks great? what? where is he? i said to my mom. she said who's this? i said who's this? she didn't even know that was me. much less the other two people. >> jen looks good. and he is one of the few people i have never, ever met. i knew his mom, you know, really, really well but i didn't -- or aunt? rosemary clooney, his aunt, adored her. but i have never met him. i hear he is -- >> so charming. so charming. brian williams was there because he was one of the people who kind of sponsored the pre-party himself. >> did you flutter a little? >> i did. when you see him, it's the weirdest thing. >> i feel like i've been around forever, met everybody. i think i would, too, if he was around. >> yes, he's disarming, too. i love his personality. he just seems to be just so funny. and so smart. >> he is. brian was with him. by the way, brian williams claims to watch our show,
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doesn't watch it at 10:00, he watches it at 2:00 in the morning. >> why? >> he has got stuff to do important -- >> what? ironing, his laundry, his underwear? >> to do. >> i thought he might have a little problem. >> a little bit of weirdness. no. no. no. there is something very weird going on. someday we will discover. you know what is really weird going on? >> what? >> even right now? >> what? >> according to tmz. >> oh, yeah. >> just when we think it can't get weirder, lindsay lohan, need we say anybody else, lindsay lohan and her mother, dina have been in a big fight since 4:00 this morning at a nightclub. >> went out to a nightclub together, lindsay was standing by her mom after the dr. phil interview and that whole thing h the duo went to a new york city nightclub, left somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 a.m. tmz saw them. the reports say, we can't verify this because we read it off tmz, but anyway, they got in a car, went to their long island home. >> were they driving?
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please tell me no. >> not sure what was going on there. there was some kind of physical altercation. >> i beat up my mother every night at 4 a.m. >> the cops came, apparently. lindsay had a cut on her leg. there was damage to property, allegedly. her jewelry was broken. >> she has got to stop it with the jewelry. just don't wear any. don't wear any. she gets in trouble with it all the time. and quit clubbing with your mother. i mean -- >> i think that is important thing to learn. . you know what, we laugh about it but it's so tragic honestly. they both need help. they need to be commit today rehab one another. i don't know if dina has ever gone. but that is not healthy. not healthy. >> we should also point out -- what was the one -- stevie nicks is so mad. >> how mad is she, hoda?
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>> she is livid. we showed you the whole mariah carey, nicki minaj battle. we did the voices all by ourselves. >> recall how well that went over. >> stevie nicks decided she wants to get in the weeds with everybody and told "the daily," "if i had been mariah, i would have walked over to nicki and strangled her to death right there. >> i would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it. >> i mean -- >> at least she is thinking it through. she is realizing that if she actually does kill someone, strangle them in front of a bunch of people, her chances of getting off are not good. so i admire that. thinking it through. >> most people say i could kill you but don't go into detail. >> strangle you. >> in front of everyone and go to jail. i mean, she did the whole -- she went down the whole road. okay, "the voice" last night. let you be the judge. >> i haven't been so great on this lately. >> again, duos, head to head and one person usually gets voted
2:14 am
off this is christina's team, aquile versus nathalie. >> one cares and one didn't. ♪ flowers i can't work out one thing ♪ ♪ i never thought that i loved someone that was someone else's dream ♪ >> that is no contest. the young man is a far superior singer. >> yes, and that was the one that christina selected. >> okay. okay. >> now, here is team adam, an important one, caitlin versus melanie. take a listen. ♪ ♪ so i tell myself that i'll be strong and dreaming when they're
2:15 am
going ♪ ♪ calling calling calling call ing ♪ >> that first girl looks like she's in third grade. what is the age thing on this? >> i don't know, but who would you have selected the bow or the non-bow? >> not fond of either one of them. i would have picked maybe from the two, the second girl, but -- >> the non-bow? the bow one? [ laughter ] >> she is a human being, hoda. who has a name. >> to me, she is the bow. >> melanie. >> melanie. >> she reminds me a little of the other -- what was melanie -- who was it, you guys know. ♪ i've got a brand new pair of roller skates ♪ who was that? melanie -- she reminds me of that -- >> what? >> how old are you? you don't remember melanie "i got a brand new pair of roller skates"? look at you socking it down, hoda. >> just trying to forget what's happening here. we want to give a shutout to wdsu new orleans. >> we do? >> a couple guests in the house. our affiliate. guys, thanks for coming.
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>> okay. this is very, very exciting, guys. best performance all took place on a football field this weekend at the university of south carolina football game. >> yeah, there was a family and they have a loved one who is overseas at war and they were doing this thing where they honor military families and they had this big screen and they were -- they showed this family member on the big screen and there was a big surprise in store for them. so, let's watch. >> just keep in mind that my tour is almost over. and i'll see you real quick. >> he had been -- >> wait, look at that. >> he walks out of nowhere. >> he had been gone a year, right? >> in front of 85,000 people. >> oh, thank god. >> it was a reunion in front of 85,000 -- >> look at his wife. >> wow, she is not -- >> i bet she is still holding onto him. >> oh. that is really amazing. that is so sweet. >> come home at night, that's
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jesse spencer stars in the new nbc firefighting drama "chicago fire." that premieres tonight. >> wow lock at you. >> great english accent. >> english as opposed to australian. very funny. >> so good luck with the show. fun having you. you didn't give yourself much time in between -- were you planning on taking a little time off? >> well, it kind of ended -- i
2:20 am
mean, i had more time, i think. i actually had about three months off. so i had a good amount of time. >> longer than you'd had in a long time, right? >> exactly. we had breaks between "house" and filming. it was the time in between going from "house" straight into "chicago fire" and flying back and forth, working on the weekend. >> it's done in chicago. >> everything in chicago. like another character in the series. >> there's a lot of authenticity in this filming, film in chicago, you actually wear the heavy gear. how heavy is that stuff? >> like 70 pounds. >> wow. >> yeah, 65 pounds maybe with the oxygen, a full tank of oxygen and everything. >> that you can fake, can't you? you don't have to put the oxygen? >> no, because then the masks on, wouldn't be able to breathe. we actually use the real oxygen and stuff. and it's actually quite nice. it's quite pleasant when they have the fire around. >> everyone hits the gym as well. >> take your shirt off a lot.
2:21 am
we saw skin in the promos. why don't you tell us about that, what happens. >> you like that part of it, don't you? >> the woman is insatiable. but anyway go ahead. >> well, let's just say that -- i mean, the characters that we have on the show, we have a ton of different, great characters on the show and a lot of local hires as well. things are spiced up with interrelationships within characters within the fire house and outside the fire house. >> can't fight fires all the time. you have to set a few, too. >> exactly. this is absolutely true. not disagreeing with you. >> you have real firefighters there do they give you tips on how you should be doing things? >> all the time. the good thing, is they have become our friends, our mates, our mates now. terrible. sorry. the english. but, yeah, they are around all the time. they play, actually, the engine guys on the show. so, they are in the fire house. the background guys. >> they must be so pumped to be doing this, aren't they?
2:22 am
>> it's weird for them, doing what they do on their job, get the hose out and run around and do all this stuff. and then they're doing a bit of acting now as well. because they are stand ing around and giving reaction shots. >> get an agent. >> i love it. >> huge stars. >> is it tough for you to do the american accent, it come easy to you? >> this is my first time doing it, actually. >> do a little. >> no. no. because you might call me canadian or something. >> we will tell you the truth. we will promise you we'll be completely honest. >> you can see it on the show tonight, 10:00. >> say that part. >> i don't say it any differently. i don't do an american accent on the show. >> you don't? you are an australian? >> i'm an australian. an exchange program. yeah. exactly what happened. >> you know, this acting thing doesn't work out, you have enough charm to be a talk show host. >> really? well, thank you very much. >> you actually do what's going on in your juicy fire-lit personal life? >> let's hear it. >> well, i have a girlfriend. >> uh-huh.
2:23 am
>> and she is -- you don't know? >> no. >> you want me to say it? >> we don't know. >> okay. i -- >> not lindsay lohan? >> i'm not dating an actor, a surfer, big wave surfer and we have been together for a year and a half. and she is absolutely adorable. >> australian? >> no, she is brazilian. >> oh. >> yeah. actually during the hiatus break we went to indonesia to sumatra for the first name my life and we did a surf trip out there. >> so you're a surfer as well? >> i'm a surfer as well, not like she surfs. >> she is world class, huh? >> she is world class. surfs 40-foot waves. >> there's no waves in chicago. >> i know, this is the only issue that we have. >> we wish you great luck with the premiere, tonight, right, jess? she's trying to say good bye in a nice way. >> personally, i want him to stay. the cutest thing ever. >> you want me to host now,
2:24 am
right? >> yeah. any time hoda's gone. she rarely takes off. >> great to meet you, jesse. >> we wish you such great success. >> jesse spencer. >> tune in tonight, right? >> see chicago fire, 10/9 central right here on nbc. >> sara has the photos that made you go what the what? you better leave while you can. >> while the getting's good. c. rich in fiber. my dad taught me, and i taught my son out there. morning, pa. wait... who's driving the...? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm, 99 bushels of wheat ♪ [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 layers of whole grain fiber in those mini-wheats® biscuits... to help keep you full... ♪ 45 bushels of wheat ...all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yee haw! those fun little biscuits.
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time for our weekly series, what the what? we can't understand why it is still on. but we are going to sift through all the unusual and funny photos you sent in that made you do a double take. >> miss sara haines went through all of them and she's bringing us the best. >> these two are playing hard to get. they love the segment. don't believe anything they do. the first from joanie wren from blowing rock, north carolina. >> blowing rock? >> this property is a farm. farms have animals. >> animals make funny sounds,
2:29 am
smell bad and have sex outdoors. >> unless you can't get along with these things don't buy a farm outdoors. >> can't say they didn't warn you. >> that is kind of cute. >> the awkward elephant in the room, animal in the room. >> nothing against farms. >> thank you. daniel gill from westin, florida submitted this photo. this makes me want to get some of that flooring. >> no, indeed. >> 'cause it is don bailey flooring. >> oh, no. does he have socks on? >> they did not photoshop this as you can see. >> now, is that don bailey himself? >> that is don bailey himself. >> or the guy that comes in and put on the flooring? >> would it change your decision? >> not until he changes his hair. >> on his chest or on his head? >> the combover, has got to stop with the combover. probably a lovely guy. a guy his age, looks pretty good. >> okay. >> so do you want to buy the flooring? >> no. >> next up, a photo from christie from east hampton,
2:30 am
connecticut. are they saying it is okay to do this? >> that's hysterical. >> that was in venice. they are not saying no have the little ghostbuster sign this is like go ahead and do it if you want. >> peek over. >> we welcome you to watch your neighbor in the restroom. which is weird. eric sent us this photo. nope this isn't but the single lady sea lion, he was proposing and the sea lion photo bombed. >> that's adorable. >> i thought he was taking a picture. >> no he proposed to her and the sea lion said yes. >> who's taking the picture? who knew the sea lion was going to show up? >> how cute is that. >> look at the other one. the other one doesn't care. >> finally -- >> is that a penguin? >> oh, oh. nothing funny about this just scrumptious. >> we will be right back.
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today's healthy weight is brought to you by walmart. save money. live better. walmart. >> and we are back with more of today on this winesday
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wednesday. ready to play who knew? in honor of nbc universal's healthy week about to find out if you are in tip-top shape. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store, hand out $100 to those who get the answers right. and to those who don't they get kathie lee's cd. imagine that. here to set us all straight is ms. madelyn fernstrom," today" diet and nutrition editor. are we ready? go ahead. >> lovely lady from bridgeport, connecticut, true or false, you burn more calories when you're asleep than when you're awake and watching tv? >> true. [ ding ] >> really? 100 bucks. okay. tell us, tell us, how much do you burn? >> you're going to burn twice as much when you're asleep as when watching tv, about 25 calories an hour watching tv. sleep is active. people thrash around.
2:34 am
you know that feeling. so people -- you burn calories like that. twice as much when you are sleeping. don't call it couch potato for nothing. >> back across to kath. >> student on a school trip from rochester, which of these foods has more calories, a chocolate frosted doughnut or a whole wheat bagel? >> chocolate frosted doughnut? >> these are tricky. you gotta watch madelyn fernstrom. i'm telling you. she likes trick questions. >> this seems crazy, a bagel has more than a sweet doughnut. >> the doughnut is smaller, 270 calories, the bagel, bigger, bagels the size of your head, 350 calories without cream cheese or butter. so think about this. it's not always so obvious. none of these are going to be good choices. all about downsizing to something smaller. >> you can get the flagles. the flat ones. >> she asked if she could look at the answer. >> no. she is also from rochester. okay. of the following four drinks, which has the most sugar?
2:35 am
remember, madely asking this. minute maid cranberry grapes, coke, mountain dew or snapple tea? >> um, i'm going to go with mountain dew? [ buzzer ] >> oh. that's all right. everyone has a story. >> you are fooling everyone. okay. so the juices are really packed with the calories. >> 100% juice, juice full of sugar and the cran grape 8-ounce serving has almost ten teaspoons of sugar. the soda and the snapple are mo party either, six or seven teaspoons, all high in sugar but the juice is always going to have it. don't be fooled by 100% juice. >> you water it down? >> the best thing to do if you like real juice, water it down, half and half. >> back across to kathy. >> lady long way from home, roseville, california, welcome enough. eat two scoops of ice cream, about how long would you have to walk to burn off the calories? one hour, two hours, three hours or five hours. of course, it doesn't say what kind of ice cream. what do you think? >> i'm going to say five hours? [ buzzer ]
2:36 am
>> and you would be wrong from roseville, california. >> well. but hopefully you'll enjoy that. >> okay. all right. so the correct answer here is two hours. >> yeah. it is going to be two hours 'cause two scoops is about 300 each. taking a moderate walk, take you a couple hours to do that not a bad thing. if you want to enjoy it take that walk. remember, there's some payoff for eating that indulgence or have one scoop, only have to walk for an hour. >> yeah. back across. >> visiting from the beautiful town of chattanooga, we all want to satisfy our sweet tooth, especially hoda. of the following two items, which has less calories, nine hershey's kisses or one regular size nestle's crunch bar? >> a. nine hershey kisses. [ ding ] >> those are so good. and you get nine. >> and you get nine of them. sometimes people think, that's so many, but a nestle's crunch, one big bar, 220, not a huge difference but nice to have nine to choose from. you know that serving, that's
2:37 am
a winner. >> madelyn fernstrom, so are you. thank you for joining us. kathy is going to come back across the street. he couldn't win over jesse's girl but has had throngs of adoring fans for more than three decades. we are going to talk to rick springfield right after this. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. introducing one-a-day vitacraves for men! it's a gummy multivitamin... with more vitamin b, to convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. new one-a-day vitacraves for men.
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if you were a girl growing up in the '80s, some points, you were probably obsessed with rick springfield. >> for many, the obsession has carried on to this day. and then some. the grammy award-winning singer and songwriter has sold 19 million records, has had 17 top 40 hits and plays more than 80 shows still a year to a legion of devoted fans. i mean, these people are crazy. >> crazy fans. >> is all captured in the new documentary "an affair of the heart." take a look. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god, rick is in our
2:42 am
room. >> i know. >> we have reached our goal. >> let's just jump on the bed. >> okay. and go. >> oh, my god! [ laughter ] >> you are crazy. >> apparently, you made quite the news this morning. you took the train in? >> the 1 train and walked through singing, and it was pretty wild. >> were you playing your guitar and the whole thing? >> yeah. yeah. yeah. >> you don't mess around, do you. >> i have a hat down in front. and made $3. very proud of that. >> there you go. there you go. >> now, this documentary from the perspective of rickaholics, the ones who are crazy about you? >> yeah. a bunch of them out here. >> yeah. i mean, a lot of them have been with me for 30-plus years. and i understand that because i'm a fan of people myself. and as a kid, i'm still attached to those people. >> who was it for you as a kid? >> cliff richard and the shadows. >> i saw him the other day. >> really? >> yes. he looks the same. >> sir cliff. he's amazing. i mean, i grew up in england as
2:43 am
a kid, so i got into music and so it was the english bands, before the beatles, the ones that got in. when you hit puberty is when i think you draw in. i think i was there for a lot of them when they hit puberty. >> apparently. >> what's interesting in the documentary is the number of angry husbands whose wives go to your concerts who literally lock like they need counselling. >> all say they get lucky afterwards. not angry in the end? >> a lot of guys come to the shows and it's great. they say all the smart guys come to the rick springfield shows because of the girls. now it's -- they know i'm married and this. it's -- it's okay to like me now. a lot of guys said they grew up listening to my music through their older sister's wall. >> not admitting that they were a fan. back then, he is kind of a teen idol girl thing. >> not an easy thing to get over for a lot of people. but your musicianship is
2:44 am
ultimately -- >> i'm a musician first. and i write my own songs and produce my own music. >> haven't been packaged wait most of them are. >> i tried to package myself. i wasn't good at it. >> you admitted you weren't great to your fans when you were younger, you turned the beat around. you're embraced by them, you soak them up, there's a clear thing that's happening in this documentary. >> yeah, i think when you first get some big success, you think it's all about you. pretty hard not to. the ego takes over. i wanted a long career around gone through the peaks and valleys and i think you realize, i realize, can't speak for everybody, i realize why i'm here because of them. it's not -- not the other way around. my wife is a goddess. my wife is the greatest person i've ever known. and she is -- i haven't always been the best for her, but i owe her for still being together. she is amazing. >> you have a new cd out.
2:45 am
what's it called? >> "songs for the end of the world," the soundtrack. we're going to go out on. >> not doom and gloom though? >> no, no a very up record. very high energy. and very happy to be swinging new music. >> when you walked out, every woman in the studio was singing -- ♪ jesse's girl ♪ ♪ i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ ♪ >> come on. ♪ how can i find a woman like that? >> i love when women sing that line. it is like -- >> oh, hody. >> thank you, rick. congrats. >> good morning. time for your weather channel forecast. i'm chris warren. looking across the country we have a just few showers throughout parts of the great lakes. cool air moving into the northeast. the it's this here, this green that we're looking at in the southwest and southern
2:46 am
california. it's associated with a low that's going to move across the country, bringing the threat for some severe potentially dangerous weather. get to that in a moment. first we're talking temperatures with that front that moved through. then we have another one that's going to move through later today throughout the northern plains and eventually once again in the great lakes, bringing the 60s party here in chicago to an end. dropping things down. once again cooling down quite a bit before they warm up again this weekend. warmer weather to the south. cooler here throughout parts of the southwest as this low is moving through. and you're seeing that low progress now on friday into the four corners. some of the high elevations potentially could pick up some snow. that next front swings down, keeps things a little bit cooler throughout parts of the great lakes and the northeast. you're seeing ties in chicago now. remember the 60s. now it's just going to be into the mid 50s. 53 in minneapolis. then that system moves into the plains. this is where there's going to be the severe weather threat. there will be a chance for tornadoes within here as well. so heads up friday into saturday
2:47 am
from the southwest into the midwest for that threat of severe weather. that system pushes up into the great lakes with temperatures moderating a bit behind it. things warm back up into the 60s and 70s for some spots in the plains. high pressure takes over for the great lakes. 60 will be the high in chicago. meanwhile the pacific northwest this weekend into early next week will be dealing with a series of weather systems that brings an end to that huge dry spell that you've been dealing with or enjoying depending on your perspective. meanwhile, 50s much cooler in the northeast. remember week days on the weather channel you can wake up with al. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol.
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today's style is brought to you by soma boutiques and home of embracable, the softest, most comfortable bra in the world. >> now, we are back now with today's style and we are helping you find the right bra with the right fit for you, 'cause it's all about the fit. >> that's right. if the girls are lopping out of the sides or your bra is giving you cake rolls. >> enough about me. >> what are those? then it's time to get a new one. jessica wells is the style expert for soma intimates. she has tips on how to fix those everyday issues. a lot of women have problems with these kind of issues, don't they? >> they do. we want every woman in america to wear a bra that she feels comfortable in, she feels
2:50 am
beautiful in and she feels confident in. >> all right. we are going to put up karen's picture as she walks out. karen had issues you say she needed to deal with. what are those? >> karen has something she called cake roll. she is a professional baker. from all her baking, she was forming something called cake rolls, which were lumps above and below the bra band. >> she has on a bra now taking care of that business. >> that's right. this bra is completely seamless. >> wow. look at the back on that. it really smooths her back. what i love about this, is no matter what your size, who doesn't want a smooth silhouette in their clothing? >> wow. i like it. >> i'm impressed she's willing to come out here and go girl. >> go girl. >> you know what yeah. you look great. thanks. >> beautiful bra. >> thank you. thank you. >> all right. >> okay. >> takes a lot of guts. >> you're right. jessica is next. here is her before picture. she is a new mom. you think her bra was too big for her, right? >> right. so jessica just had a baby four months ago, she looks great but after the baby, she went in and just picked out a bra, she did
2:51 am
not get a professional bra fitting so what happened is she picked a bra that was actually too big. so, we put her -- >> what is she wearing? >> wearing a size-slimming bra. this isn't a push up, it is a push front t really smooths her sides and fits her perfectly. no more gaping in the cups. >> i like that gaping in your cups, it's too big? >> probably too big. >> all right. got it. >> thank you. >> thank you. shannon is next and her issue is unique. she was using sports bras, right? >> instead of wearing a regular bra, you mean? >> shannon is a recent grad and a professional and wearing sports bras every day to work. >> yeah. >> so she would wear these beautiful suits with a sports bra underneath. as you can see it didn't fit her that well but worried because she was concerned about spilling out. a lot of women have that concern. >> now she doesn't. >> show us your new bra. >> oh. she is getting into it. >> yeah. shannon is in a full coverage bra. and what this bra does is it gives her the coverage she needs so it is smooth under clothes and not spilling out. guess what it is really, really
2:52 am
comfortable, she can wear it all day long. >> why you were wearing sports bras also, because of the comfort. >> this is very comfortable. >> you are not miked. where could we put it? >> thank you. my favorite barbara, just saying, a grandmother of six. she is also a newly wed and wearing a bra worn out. women have it you go in the drawer and pull the same bra out. >> barbara wearing the same bra for the last five years. >> yeah. >> what was happening, it wasn't giving her the lift or the support that she needed. >> hi, barbara. >> you go girl. >> she is his a new bride. so, that bra was definitely unfit for love. so we wanted to put her in something that gave her the lift and support so we put her in a minimizer style what is great, if you are a c cup or above, you can benefit from a minimizer. >> thank you, you look great, hon. >> terrific. >> last is carla. her before picture. yeah. so tell us what she needed to do
2:53 am
differently. >> carla is a fashionista. she has a lot of different styles in her wardrobe and so what we put her in is a multiway bra, wearing the same exact gray bra every single day. >> for any outfit? >> any outfit. she can wear this under a halter, wear it with something strapless, versatility. it also gave her a little pushup she wanted a little bit more chevage. this bra does the trick. >> she got what she wanted. thank you, everybody. bring our lovely ladies out. >> you guys look good, very brave. you look great. >> you do lovely. i hope you get a date. >> okay. they have sold a whopping 9 million singles. >> a performance by the script. first, these messages from nbc.
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
>> the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by tots. by the way, the amazing bras are available at >> including the one i'm wearing here. >> stop flashing. before we sign off for the day, we have a little something special to share. since releasing their self-titled debut album in 2008, irish rockers, the script, we love these guys, topped the charts in the u.k. and the u.s. >> now they have released their third album appropriately titled "number three." >> you guys enjoy it. we will see you tomorrow. >> have a great winesday wednesday, everybody. >> nice talking to you. ♪ she's all laid up in bed with a broken heart ♪ ♪ while i'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar ♪ ♪ and we don't know how we got
2:57 am
into this mad situation ♪ ♪ only doing things out of frustration ♪ ♪ trying to make it work but man, these times are hard ♪ ♪ she needs me now but i can't seem to find the time ♪ ♪ i got a new job now on the unemployment line ♪ ♪ and we don't know how ♪ how we got into this mess ♪ is it god's test ♪ someone help us 'cause we're doing our best ♪ ♪ trying to make things work but man, these times are hard ♪ ♪ but we are gonna stop by drinking our cheap bottles of wine, sit talking up all night, doing things we haven't for awhile ♪ ♪ awhile, yeah ♪ ♪ we're smiling but we're close to tears, even after all these years ♪ ♪ we just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time ♪
2:58 am
♪ ♪ she's in line at the dole with her head held high ♪ ♪ while i just lost my job but didn't lose my pride ♪ ♪ and we both know how we're going to make it work when it hurts ♪ ♪ when you pick yourself up you get kicked to the dirt ♪ ♪ tryin' to make it work but man these times are hard ♪ ♪ but we're gonna start by drinking our cheap bottles of wine ♪ ♪ sit talking up all night ♪ doing things we haven't for a while, a while yeah ♪ ♪ we're smiling but we're close to tears, even after all these years ♪ ♪ but just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time ♪
2:59 am
♪ for the first time for the first time ♪ ♪ oh these times are hard, they are making us crazy, don't give up on me baby ♪ ♪ oh, these times are hard, making us crazy, don't give up on me baby ♪ ♪ oh these times are hard, yeah they're making us crazy don't give up on us baby ♪ oh, these times are hard yeah they're making us crazy don't give up on me, baby ♪ ♪ oh, these times are hard


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